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We have updated the information relating to renting privately.  You can view the new information here.

However please spend a few minutes reading the following paragraph which will give you an overview of some of the changes to the Private Rented Sector from 2015.

Private Rented Sector Tenants - Changes are occurring from 2015 for Private Landlords!

As a Private Tenant (or a potential Private Tenant) it would be useful for you to know the changes due within the Private Rented Sector in Wales from next year (2015);

The Welsh Housing Bill is set to be introduced in 2015 which will set out new statutory responsibilities for Private Rented Sector Landlords in Wales.

This will mean that Landlords will be required by law to register as a Landlord and all the properties they let. They will also be responsible for obtaining a License to let/manage their property/properties. If they have a Managing Agent that lets on their behalf, it will be the responsibility of the Managing Agent to obtain the license.

A second piece of housing legislation that will be introduced also in 2015 is the Wales Renting Homes Bill, which will have additional changes for Private Sector Landlords and will impact on tenancies across Wales.

All Landlords will have to choose from only 2 legally recognised tenancy agreements - either a 'Secure' Contract (as issued by Social Housing Associations) or a 'Standard' Contract (which replaces the Assured Shorthold Agreement).

Further details to follow.

Help for Tenants - Welsh Tenants Organisation

Welsh Tenants represents the voice for tenants in Wales and provide a range of services that includes information, social networking, training, development and support to tenants and tenant groups.

Welsh Tenants also organise national conferences and regional events inviting guest speakers, service providers and have vibrant discussion forums.

Service is FREE to Tenants.

For further information, visit:

Problems with your Landlord?

The vast majority of Landlords are responsible and fair.  In the unlikely event you experience trouble with your Landlord, your Council has some legal powers it can use to help.  Whatever your housing problem, getting advice might help you solve it.  An adviser can explain your legal rights and help you to take action.

For Housing Advice please contact the Housing Options Service, Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council on (01639) 685217 or (01639) 685219.

House Sharing - Reducing the Cost of Rent or Living

Sharing a house or flat is becoming more common place in this current economic climate.  The advantages to sharing a home with other house or flat mates means not only do you save on renting costs but you also save on other bills such as council tax, electricity, water, internet and telephone line rental.  Sharing a home is also a great way to make new friends particularly if your new to an area.

Health & Safety in Rented Accommodation

Landlords are generally responsible for property maintenance and major repairs.  This includes repairs to the structure and exterior and to heating and hot water systems.  A property should be safe and healthy for its occupants.  For further information please visit

Help with your Rent

If you are on a low income, you maybe able to get Housing Benefit to help pay your rent.  For information please contact Housing Benefits Team, Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council on (01639) 686838 (Neath) 763454 (Port Talbot)

Council Tax

For Council Tax bands, discounts and exemptions please visit Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council's webpages HERE

Or call the Council Tax Section on:

Telephone (01639) 686840 (Neath) OR (01639) 763152 (Port Talbot)

Delivers information and practical advice about public services including benefits, tax credits, taxes, pensions, managing money and managing debt.  Please click here to view their website.

Winter Fuel Payments

Winter Fuel Payment helps older people keep warm in winter. Find out who can get it, how to get it and how much you can get. If you haven’t received it before, find out what you need to do.  For more information, please click here to visit

Cold Weather Payments

During a very cold winter, the costs of heating can quickly add up. If you're receiving certain benefits, you may be able to get a Cold Weather Payment for each period of very cold weather in your area. For more information, please click here to visit

Is Your Home Fuel Efficient?

Nest is the Welsh Government’s fuel poverty scheme. It aims to help reduce the number of households in fuel poverty and make Welsh homes warmer and more fuel-efficient places to live.

If you own or privately rent your home, you could be eleigible for help to improve the efficiency of your home.

If you’re worried about the cost of heating your home, you can call 0800 512 012 free from a landline or 0300 456 2655 from a mobile phone. Their advisors can give advice on:

  • Saving energy
  • Money management
  • Making sure you’re on the best fuel tariff for you;
  • And whether you are entitled to any benefits to boost your income

You may also be eligible to receive home improvements at no cost to you, to help make your home warmer and reduce the cost of your energy bills.

Nest support is available to everyone in Wales.

For further details on the scheme, please visit the Nest website.

Furniture and Appliances

Some Private Rented Properties are already furnished, however, for those which require furnishing, Enfys Foundation, Appliance Universe or RESaREC will be able to assist with your furniture needs.


Register Your Electrical Appliances with EEESafe's National Appliance Safety Register

EEESafe based in Swansea have launched the National Appliance Safety Register. The purpose of the Register is to give Consumers a Free Safety Check of their White Goods Appliances in the home to ensure they are not already a part of a Product Recall. A Recall may mean there is a danger of a malfunction or electrical fault that could be the cause of a fire.

EEESafe's National Appliance Safety Register will monitor appliances on Consumers behalf. They can provide reports to the Consumer or Landlord (including Housing Association's) as part of the service. The appliances can be registered online to the address and an appointed code is given to the Consumer or Landlord so they may receive the reports.  For further details and to register you appliance, click here.

EEESafe are also on Facebook or click here to follow them on Twitter.

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