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Young Persons

Leaving home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It is not a good idea to rush into it unless things get that bad at home that you are asked to leave.

Although leaving home can give you your own space and independence, it is important to consider the following:

  • You will have to pay rent.
  • You will have to budget carefully as you will have to pay your own bills including council tax, electricity, gas bills, water rates, telephone bills, TV licence, food, travel, and other basic necessities before you buy things like CD's or clothes.
  • You will have to live on a more restricted budget and perhaps live on benefits.
  • You will have to cook for yourself and manage a home - this means doing your own cleaning, washing, ironing and shopping.
  • You may not be able to continue your education if you have to pay your own way.
  • You may not be able to live where you want and may have to live away from the support of family and friends.

Llamau Family Mediation Service

Are there always arguments at home? Is your family listening to you?

Llamau's Family Mediation Service is a free and confidential and available for families with young people 14 years +.

The Service is not being judgemental or taking sides, it is an opportunity for you, family members and the mediator to meet and talk things through.

For more information, download the Mediation Leaflet HERE

Message Home

Have you left home or run away? There is a 24-hour national FREEPHONE helpline which allows you to leave a message for family and friends. We will talk to you in confidence to explain your options and try to get you the help you want. We wont tell anybody you have called us unless you want us to.

  • Call 116 000
  • Text 116 000
  • Email

You can text us even if you have no credit left on your mobile phone.

Or visit the Missing People Website by clicking here Missing People (Young People)

House Sharing - Reducing the Cost of Rent or Living

Sharing a house or flat is becoming more common place in this current economic climate. The advantages to sharing a home with other house or flat mates means not only do you save on renting costs but you also save on other bills such as council tax, electricity, water, internet and telephone line rental. Sharing a home is also a great way to make new friends particularly if your new to an area.

Furniture and Appliances

Some Private Rented Properties are already furnished, however, for those which require furnishing, Enfys Foundation, Appliance Universe or RESaREC will be able to assist with your furniture needs.

Register Your Electrical Appliances with EEESafe's National Appliance Safety Register

EEESafe based in Swansea have launched the National Appliance Safety Register. The purpose of the Register is to give Consumers a Free Safety Check of their White Goods Appliances in the home to ensure they are not already a part of a Product Recall. A Recall may mean there is a danger of a malfunction or electrical fault that could be the cause of a fire.

EEESafe's National Appliance Safety Register will monitor appliances on Consumers behalf. They can provide reports to the Consumer or Landlord (including Housing Association's) as part of the service. The appliances can be registered online to the address and an appointed code is given to the Consumer or Landlord so they may receive the reports. NPT Homes will shortly be committing to have all its properties covered by the service.

It is hoped that Registrants will donate their old appliances to EEESafe when they are being replaced, and they will GIVE the items to local responsible reapairers registered with EEESafe. You can also help EEESafe by working with their retail partners who supply new appliances as an online purchase. They agree not to take the Old Appliance away from the community so that a local tradesman can have more work, and lower cost appliances are available to help those who cannot afford one. Please click here to purchase via the EEESafe Affiliate Scheme. Groups that purchase Refurbished Appliances are advised to look for the "Approved Refurbished Appliance Labels."

Every new purchase madse from the link will attract a £1 donation into EEESafe's Community Trust fund which aims to prevent waste, create local jobs and regenerate local communities.

For further details and to register you appliance, click here. There is an opportunity for one lucky person tio win a new washing machine courtesy of the Co-op Electrical Group if registered before 25th June 2014.

EEESafe are also on Facebook or click here to follow them on Twitter.

Problems with your Landlord?

The vast majority of Landlords are responsible and fair. In the unlikely event you experience trouble with your Landlord, your Council has some legal powers it can use to help. Whatever your housing problem, getting advice might help you solve it. An adviser can explain your legal rights and help you to take action. For Housing Advice please contact the Housing Options Service, Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council on (01639) 685217 or (01639) 685219.

Young Carers

A carer can be any age. A young carer is a child or young person aged 8-18 who helps in lots of ways to look after someone at home. That person might be an adult or child who has a long-term illness, a disability, a mental health problem or a problem related to drugs or alcohol.

Some young carers may have to do more than others, but their lives are still affected in both negative and positive ways.

If you are a young carer - please click HERE to visit the section of this website entitled 'Information for Carers' which will link you to advice and information to assist you in your caring role. 

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