Housing Related Support

Housing Related Support

There are currently numerous Support Service Providers working within the County Borough who deliver Housing Related Support to a number of vulnerable individuals (and their families).  Some of the Support Providers provide a broad service to people with a multitude of support needs and others provide more Specialist Types Services (including to people with Mental Health Problems or People requiring Drug/Alcohol Support).

What is Housing Related Support?

The main aim of 'Housing Related Support' is to enable an individual to develop and sustain their capacity to live as Independently within their own home.

Examples of 'Housing Related Support' include (not full list); Helping to comply with the Terms of your Tenancy, Advice and help on dealing with Neighbour Disputes, Maintaining the Safety and Security of your Home, Helping to arrange Rent/Bill payments and debts, Support with General Correspondence, Arranging and helping with Home Repairs.

Who Benefits from Housing Related Support?

Older Persons, People with Learning Disabilities who require Support, People with Physical Disabilities who require Support, People with Mental Health Problems who require Support, Homeless and Potentially Homeless People (and Families), People Fleeing Domestic Violence, People with Drug and/or Alcohol Problems who require Support, People leaving Prison or at Risk of Offending, Vulnerable Single Parents who require Support, People with Chronic Illness, Refugees and Young Single Homeless People and/or those Leaving Care Services.


Want to Know More?

To find out more about Housing Related Support Services, please visit the Supporting People Webpages HERE

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